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Announcements 📢:
Thank you all for such a wonderful time at our first competition! Find all the tests, answer keys, and solution manuals on our archive page.
Stayed tuned to hear about our next competition, which will most likely be this summer.
Rise to the challenge!
Welcome to Clover Math! We're a Naperville-based group of experienced high schoolers dedicated to spreading our passion for math among younger students. Whether you're just getting started or you've taken many before, we'd love for you to sign up!
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This is the schedule for the 4/26/24 event at NCHS. The schedule may be different for future events.
Pencils, pens, compasses, rulers, and scratch paper are the only allowed materials. Scratch paper will be provided at the contest.
Right after the competition, we will have a review session where the authors discuss all the problems and their solutions. Solutions and awardees will also be released online. Students will also receive an email with solutions attached.
Review sessions will occur right after the competition are completely optional to attend. Contestants can leave at any point or not go at all. There, we will discuss the answers, work out solutions, and answer questions.
The top 3 scorers will be given their cash prizes. Additionally, we will have ribbons and awards for various categories.
We will contact you and figure out a way to get you your award.